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Are there cancellation charges i.e. we book and pay and the student cancels?

Yes, we have 'no show' charges. If the student can provide a valid excuse for cancelling shorter than 24hours before the flight or a doctor's note, no fee will be charged. But if not, a "no show" is charged R600 per slot missed. Nobody can help bad weather and therefore no charges will be made for flights cancelled due to weather.

Where would they take their exams?

Springbok Air Academy have two computer stations in the school that provide the student with all possible exam questions and mock tests for their PPL exams. The student can practice for each exam in our centre and then use a nearby testing station to write the PPL exam. Rand Airport has various testing stations for PPL exams and the student therefore does not need to travel far. For Commercial, Instructor Rating and Airline Transport exams, the student must write the exams at the Civil Aviation Authority in Midrand (by law). Springbok Air Academy will offer the student as much help and tutoring for all those exams as well.

To take the PPL or Commercial License would the student need a psychological test or is this just for the Commercial License?

No psychological test is needed for any license. Only the English proficiency test, which when passed, will be valid throughout one's license for many years. The instructors will asses the student's psychological mindset as the student progresses his/her training.

Types of aircraft to be used for each course?

Springbok Air Academy makes use of the Cessna aircraft. We use two Cessna 150's and 3 Cessna 210 aircraft. All training for one's PPL is on a C150. These aircraft are not only cheaper to run, but they are fun to fly. One of our C150's has been fitted with a larger engine, which makes it perform better at altitude than most training aircraft. The C210's are for use when the students are about to test for the Commercial License. They are the retractable undercarriage, variable pitch aircraft one requires to do the test on. Multi-engine aircraft are also available on request.

Can we take pictures?

Attaining one's flying license of any form is a happy occasion. Students are allowed to take as many pictures as they want, as long as it does not interfere in their flying and learning or bother other students and instructors. 


Springbok Air Academy is open Monday – Friday (08:00 – 18:00) and on Saturdays (when required). In the initial stages you will fly no more than two hours a day, but after your first solo flight, you could be required to fly up to five hours a day. The flying training is done according to a strict program which will be provided for you. All flights need to be pre-booked. We have two-hour slots starting from 8am every morning. You will be charged if you do not show for your bookings or you have forgotten to cancel your bookings with at least 24hour notice. Springbok Air Academy can cancel your flights due to bad weather or if your instructor does not feel you are prepared for the flight lesson.


The CAA requires a minimum of 45hours of flight training in order to obtain a fixed wing PPL (Private Pilot's License). Twenty-five (25) hours are flown with and instructor in the aircraft (dual flight) and a further fifteen (15) are flown solo, under supervision. Although there is no age limit with regard to starting your training, you have to be 16yrs of age before going solo. You have to obtain an Aviation approved medical certificate.

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