Ground School

Both the PPL and Commercial Ground Schools take place during the year, and the number of courses depend on the demand for the courses. The PPL Ground School is COMPULSORY as it forms an understanding of the basic aerodynamic principles required for the flight exercises for the PPL.

The ground school will also make the theoretical exams much easier to pass.

The PPL exams and subjects are:

  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Air Law
  • Navigation
  • Human Performance
  • Aircraft Technical and General

SPRINGBOK AIR ACADEMY also offers Instructor Ground Schools. For your instructor's license, you require 80 hours of briefing and our course covers between 60 -70 hours of those 80 hours required. We also offer the instructor flight training (20 hours) and help you prepare for the instructor flight test. The instructor ground school takes place twice a year and prices change according to the number of people per class (more people, less money). Ground schools are student attendance dependable. Should we have a large number of students, we hold ground school in the morning and afternoons and can also hold night lectures. Should the student require extra briefings (Performance Lectures), these are charged at R150, 00/hour. Should the student reflect homework being done to the instructor, in the air and classroom, as well as the ability to grasp the necessary in-flight lessons, performance lectures would not be required.

The Private Pilot's License

This is the beginning of your pilot career! Your Private Pilot License is the first building block of your path to your Commercial License. It is the most important block as it teaches you the fundamentals of flying, but it is also the most fun!

As a private pilot, you get the opportunity to learn a new skill, make new friends and be in the air under your own hand – which most people do not get the opportunity to do. PPL training is broken down into 3 sections:

  • Basic Flying Fundamentals comprising of straight and level flight, climbing, descending, stalling, spinning, take off and landing the aircraft.
  • Advance flying e.g. Instrument Flight and Low Flying etc
  • Navigation

Once you have completed Section (1), you will be assessed and should you be ready, you will be signed out to go solo. Once you've completed a few solo hours in the circuit, you will then complete Section (2) and Section (3).

This training is advanced and also teaches you how to execute navigational exercises. You normally do one short navigational exercise and one long navigational exercise with your instructor, and you will then be sent solo to do a long and short navigational exercise by yourself.

During your training, you will receive PPL ground school and have to pass the 7 PPL exams as well as complete 5hours on the simulator with your instructor. The 7 PPL exams are written on Rand's airfield (so you will not have to travel far to write) and Springbok Air Academy has its own simulator so most of your training will be completed at the school at your convenience.

After completing the necessary 15 solo hours required for your license, you will do a few 'brush-up' hours with the instructor to ready yourself for the PPL test.

Once you pass the PPL test, you will then move on to the Night Rating, Instrument Rating and Commercial License.

Commercial Pilot's License

A minimum of 200 hours is required. Must have at least 100 hours PiC (Pilot in Command i.e. Solo time).

Must include a conversion onto a variable pitch, retractable undercarriage aircraft and have passed all 8 Commercial License exams. Springbok Air Academy also offers a Commercial Ground School for the 8 subjects.

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