Captain Vermeulen has been flying since 1967 and was in the employment of South African Airways from 1970 till 2011. He ended his career in the airways as a flight instructor on the Airbus A340's on the international service.

Captain Vermeulen founded private propliner flying safaris in Africa. He founded the South African Airways Historic Flight in 1990 and Springbok Classic Air in 2001, and since then has proved that a team of highly skilled personnel can operate classic propliners in remote areas and on trans-ocean flights with perfect safety. He is rated on more than a 100 different aircraft types, from antique biplanes to the latest Boeing 747 and Airbus airliners. His aviation milestones include numerous propliner voyages from Cape to Cairo and beyond, as far as the North Cape of Norway and the United States of America. 

He is now CEO of Springbok Classic Air as well as a Designated Examiner and instructor at the school. He takes part in many of our courses and is constantly in and around the school imparting knowledge on our students.

Springbok Air Academy


As a Professional Flight Training Organization, we offer one-stop training and testing packages of superior quality and can assist you with all the required processes.

The Springbok Air Academy is close to Captain Vermeulen’s heart. The five-week Airbus A320 type rating is one of the offerings providing men and women with the skill and experience to wing their way into the future. This professional flight training organization offers one-stop training and testing packages for PPL and CPL.

“We do not train you to pass your license test. We train you to become a professional pilot."

Earning Potential in South Africa

Appart from having the luxury of doing a job that you love, Commercial Pilots enjoy job security and a high income potential. Please click on this link to find out more.

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